Home Safety Tips.

Home safety is something that is always on ones mind. We are constantly looking for ways to ensure the safety of our loved ones. Follow these safety tips for added security.

  1. Ensure that all doors are locked at all times, and that windows are closed when you are not at home.

  2. Large dogs serve as a deterrent. At least one dog should be trained to sleep inside the house.

  3. If you leave your residence, inform your family/ neighbours of your intended destination, time you expect to return and the route you will be driving, especially if you reside in a rural area.

  4. Ensure that tools such as axes, spades, picks, ladders, etc that can be used in an attack, are locked away when you do not use them.

  5. Vary your daily routine.

  6. Get into the habit of not immediately falling asleep after switching off the lights.

  7. You should not be visible in the bedroom from the outside when you are asleep.

  8. Always keep a torch nearby at night and when you use it, ensure that you do not give away your position.

  9. If you are unsure about the security status of your home after returning from work/a visit, eg your dogs do not come to the gate, do not enter your home.

  10. Identify relatively safe places of refuge, ie: bathroom, toilet or storeroom. The fewer windows and doors these rooms have, the better.

  11. Do not employ casual workers without a reference.

  12. Keep copies of all your employees - Identity Documents (ID's).

  13. Clear the areas around the gates of bushes and other hiding places.

  14. Ensure that you have a good relationship with your neighbours so that you will be in a good position to support and help each other.

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