Home Security Tips - Festive Season

With the holidays fast approaching don’t get slack when it comes to your security. Rather, you should be taking extra security measures to ensure your home is safe while you are on holiday. Every precaution should also be taken while on the roads.

The following tips from the South African Police Service will help you to keep your home safe while you are away:

  1. Check that your alarm system is working properly before you go on holiday.

  2. Close and lock all windows and doors and ensure all windows have burglar guards.

  3. Fit suitable locks and bolts to all sliding doors as a means to prevent burglars from lifting the glass off its tracks - the most common method for break-ins.

  4. Do not leave an out-of-town message on your answering machine, door or post box.

  5. Ask someone to clear your post box every few days while you are away or alternatively get a house sitter.

  6. Cancel newspaper deliveries for the period you are away.

  7. Do not leave keys on the inside of doors or hidden under doormats, in flower pots, etc.

  8. Never leave tools in your garden or an unlocked garden shed that would help intruders break into your home.

  9. If you are staying at home this festive season follow these tips to maximise your security:

  10. Make sure you have good outside lighting, but switch the lights off during the day. Outside lights that are on during the day are signs that no one is home.

  11. Never open the door automatically when the bell rings or if someone knocks. Make completely sure the person wanting to enter is expected.

  12. If your house alarm goes off, you hear strange noises, or the dogs bark - switch on the outside lights.

  13. When approaching your house entrance by foot or by car ensure that it is safe to enter and that you have not been followed. Be aware of persons loitering at the entrance.

  14. If you buy luxury goods, cut up the boxes and dispose of these in tied black bags - a branded box is a tell-tale sign of what thieves could find in your house.

Contact #ETRapidResponse for a Risk-Free Assessment to ensure your home is safe over the festive season.

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