Home Security - The Affordable Way

Making your home more secure doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Follow these 10 tips to improve your home security today. Give us a call on 0861 031 111 and ET Rapid Response can assist with securing your home.

1: Always appear to be at home

Give the illusion that someone is home when on holiday or out. This can be easily done by keeping a few lights on, installing light timers to go on when needed, or keeping a radio on in the house.

2: Blend in with the crowd

Ensuring your home doesn’t look flashier than your neighbours will help prevent would-be burglars from seeing your property as the most lucrative target on your block.

3: Keep it bright

Motion sensor lighting is the best way to surround your property with alert lighting, and is relatively inexpensive.

4: Know your neighbours

Criminals often watch a property before they decide where and when to break in. Knowing your neighbours will help you spot suspicious onlookers.

5: Do some pruning

Large shrubs and tall bushy trees give criminals concealing places to hide. Keep these pruned and trimmed.

6: Close those windows

Open windows, even with burglar bars, are an easy in. Get into the habit of making sure all your windows are securely locked.

7: Pick your doors

One of the biggest home security mistakes is having glass doors that allow criminals to reach the door handle easily after breaking the glass.

8: Switch it up

Changing alarm codes regularly will ensure that even if you had previously given the code to a service provider or someone suspicious gets hold of the code, they will not be able to use it to gain access.

9: Change the locks

This is particularly important when you are a new tenant or homeowner because you have no way of knowing who still has a copy of a key from before you moved in.

10: Put on your criminal hat

Look at your neighbourhood, your street, and your home through the eyes of a burglar. What would they see if they looked around your street?

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