Anti-Hijacking Tips.

A hijacking is a very traumatic experience which is why it is very important to ensure that we take preventative measures and are always aware on our roads. Don't forget that you can call 0861 031 111 for ALL EMERGENCIES.

Some tips on how to avoid giving potential hijackers the upper hand:

1. Do not remain stationary if you do not have to. A moving target is harder to hit than one that sits and waits.

2. Always checking your blind spots and being aware when leaving and arriving home. In order not to get distracted, do not use your cellphone in the two minutes that you approach your destination.

3. While waiting for your gate to open, stay parallel to your perimeter wall and only enter the driveway when the gate is fully open. This gives you the opportunity to drive away if need be.

4. Pay attention to unusual sights and sounds in your neighbourhood. Pedestrians wandering near your driveway, or sounds of shouting can be a warning of danger.

5. Before coming to a stop, take notice of people standing at intersections and looking at your vehicle. Be especially aware of people who do not seem to have a purpose.

6. When returning home after dark, make sure that the outside lights are on and, if possible, ask for an escort from your security company.

7. When leaving a shopping centre, remain cautious of any cars following you, always check your rear-view mirror, and look out for vehicles that are consistently behind you with more than one male in the vehicle.

Powerful Protection, Rapid Intervention - #ETRapidResponse

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