Anti Pick-pocketing Tips

It's the worst feeling ever, you put your hand into your bag or pocket and discover your phone or wallet is GONE! Stay safe in the crowds with these tips to avoid becoming a victim of pickpockets and thieves. Busy shopping periods bring with them an increased risk of crime and other misfortune. So how can you stay safe from being a statistic?

1. Keep your valuables safe Crowded stores make it easier for thieves to pick pockets or steal from unattended bags. Make sure your cash, cards and keys are kept safe in a zipped or inside pocket, or in a zipped compartment of a bag. Don’t take more cards or personal documents with you than you need to – so if your wallet or purse does go missing, your losses are kept to a minimum.

2. Keep an eye on bags Be vigilant when browsing or using changing rooms: don’t leave bags of items that you have already paid for unattended – opportunist thefts can be just as common as pick pocketing.

3. Take care when you pay Paying for your purchases with a card can be more convenient than using notes and coins. But be cautious when entering your Pin number – make sure no one behind you can see what your code is.

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