Store Break-in Gang Arrested

On Saturday the 7th of April 2018 our Tactical Response Team received information of a possible store break in that will occur at Amanzimtoti's Arbour Crossing or Galleria.

The said gang have been hitting several jewellery stores and other chain stores around Durban, targeting high value perfumes, watches etc. Our TRT sprang into action, assisted by Toti Crime Prevention.

A possible suspect vehicle, which was circling the area, was spotted by our Rapid Response officer. After some time, the said vehicle was seen parked outside the pedestrian entrance of Arbour Town. A desicion was made to approach the vehicle. Upon searching the car, it was established the car had false number plates over the original plates. House Break-in implements and other tools of the trade were also found inside the vehicle. All 6 suspects have been detained for further processing at Toti SAPS. They will be charged accordingly.


A good start to this big case. All 6 suspects have been DENIED BAIL this morning in court. This now gives us and the investigation team more time to put the pieces together to build our case. Some of these suspects have already been linked to other serious offenses!

Our TRT will not stop here, we will assist the SAPS with their investigation until these perps are sentenced!!

Well done Cnst. Moodley of SAPS Amanzimtoti and the Investigating officer!!

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