Festive Season Safety Tips

Over the festive season we find ourselves caught up in the festivities with family and friends, which could result in being a bit lax in our safety and security measures at home. Most robberies happen when the residents are away from home, either day or night. Other factors that could contribute to a risk of robbery is lack of cooperation between neighbours and said neighbours not knowing each other. Most of all it is the negligence of the residents regarding the security aspects of the house.

To avoid being at risk this festive season we have compiled a list of our top tips for keeping your home secure over the holidays.

  1. Make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked when you are out or away on holiday.

  2. Make sure all lights around the house are switched on starting from 6pm in the evening until 7am in the morning (by using auto-timer) every day. The home security system should be activated and well-functioned (if any).

  3. Make sure you have extra safety locks such as safety chains and padlocks that are mounted in places which are likely to be burgled like the front/rear gates and door grills. These extra safety tools need to be installed before leaving the house.

  4. Make sure your neighbours know that you are leaving your house and give them your contact number in case of emergency.

  5. Make sure to take all your jewellery, money and other valuable items with you or store it in a safe before leaving the house.

  6. Stop any newspaper subscriptions during your absence to prevent criminals from discovering that your house is empty. Ask your neighbours to keep all the letters from the mailbox.

  7. Insure your belongings

Here are some additional tips to prevent robberies:

  1. Main and rear doors should be made of a sturdy substance and equipped with high quality lock systems.

  2. Install a door viewer (camera) and padlock at the main door.

  3. Install grills / burglar bars that can be locked at the windows and doors.

  4. Install a spotlight with a sensor that will automatically switch on when passers-by are detected outside the house.

  5. Install a security system such as an alarm, beams and CCTV.

Remember, you can contact ET Rapid Response by calling 0861 031 111 in the case of any type of emergency. You do not need to be a client of ET Rapid Response to use our emergency hotline. We are also available for home risk assessments and will provide you with a personalised home security plan after we have reviewed your property, at no charge! Contact us for more information by calling 0861 031 111 or emailing control@etsouth.co.za .

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