Tips to help prevent mugging.

Being mugged is something one cannot really prepare for. There are however precautions you can take to diminish the odds of being mugged:

– Walk in the centre of the road. - but only if it is safe to so such as in very low traffic areas. – Avoid walking alone, rather walk in a group. Muggers are more likely to target individuals walking alone, than a group. – Avoid wearing expensive clothes and/or jewellery as they attract potential muggers. – If you are approached by someone who looks like a mugger, do not stop to fight or argue. Run as fast as you can and make as much noise as possible. – Walk in a well-lit area. Most muggings happen in dark spots. – Walk with confidence. The more confident you seem, the less of a target you become. – If you are mugged, consider defending yourself if you have the skills or a weapon. Pepper spray can be an effective hindrance and can be easily carried. – If you are mugged at gunpoint, keep calm and give them whatever they want. Your life is worth much more than material objects.

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